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  1. Great video, and very helpful. Can anyone explain how I get me front-end HTTP requests to point to the express API server I also have running? I can add the literal url http://localhost:3000/myapi. But this won't work when I move to deployment. without the literal url, calls from the client, always point to port 8080. For example ajax.get('/myapi', function(){}). In shoty, how do I change it so Webpack-dev-server runs on port 8080 put ajax requests go to port 3000 my express api server?

  2. Dont add 'publicPath' while running dev-server, other wise you will have to bundle the file again and again to see the change. dev-server wont work then

  3. Love the Webpack videos so far! One question, is your package.json file inside of the "src/" directory along with the index.html. Something seems odd to me. Inside of your package.json you are referencing "./src", but based on file indentation, it looks like the package.json is already in the "src' directory?

  4. If you get an error "Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'loglevel' in …. ". It means that you should install this loglevel for your project. Simply use a command : npm install –save-dev loglevel.

  5. I think setting up the paths with ./ is optional. That is, it will resolve the file faster since you explicitly tell it to look up from cwd (current working directory).

  6. thank you ! amazing tutorial ^^, please i have an issue, when i run webpack server , it's redirect me to folders of project not my index.html, but if i open it without webpack server it's work fine , and nothing in network tab. i think my webpack.config.js not loaded correctely

  7. I really like your Videos, they are so useful. I've two question, What about Laravel? is there something similar to use in Laravel. because I hate every time I should make refresh to the browser to reload changes.
    can you make a special tut about the latest in front frameworks for developers? and where to start from. its kind of difficult to choose one from many like jQuery, Ajax, Vue, react and lots .etc. thank you in advance.

  8. Great video, just a few notes. Before webpack I was using gulp/bower and there is a significant difference between a "task runner" like gulp and webpack which is actually a tool to build bundles, import js/css/images/stuff automatically. Many people are asking me why I should switch to Webpack if I am happy with gulp/grunt, they don't understant that they are different and webpack is more advances in achievement your goals.
    The simplest explanation for me is that gulp/grunt does not actually understand your js code, but Webpack does.

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