Apple iPod Touch 8gb 2nd Generation Review

If you’re looking for an iPod that’s double the fun but can do all the things that previous models have done, then the Apple iPod Touch 8gb 2nd Generation should be your focus. And what’s better? You can get it at a reduced price – less than $200. You’ll get a sleek iPod that doubles up as a mini-PDA too. Let’s look at it piece by piece:


At the risk of over-emphasising just how sleek it is, let’s talk a bit more about looks: next to the other iPod models, this one is by far a winner. Its much slimmer and the chrome rounded back will cup perfectly into your hand (great for gamers). What’s more, where the other iPods had a black lip all around the screen, with this one, the black lip extends from the chrome back cover so that you have a beautiful shiny edge. Let’s just say it’s an iPod being soft, but with powerful-as-ever features.

It has been created to accommodate dedicated volume keys on the side panel as well, but they will not interfere with your hold – they fit snugly into the body of the iPod.

The antennae in the Apple iPod Touch 8gb 2nd Generation is ellipse-shaped, not chunky and in the corner like on other iPods. The port for your headphones is also recessed, and will accept non-Apple headphones, definitely a plus should you lose or misplace the set that comes with it.

The screen? You get 3.5 inches of 320 by 480 pixels widescreen – definitely an excellent screen for gaming.


You still get the Genius Mix application that has made iPods so popular; it will pre-arrange music play lists for you based on what it notices that you like a lot. It also comes loaded with Apple 2.1 software and you can get on directly to the App Store (older owners can only access these 2 pieces of software if they buy them from iTunes).

Compared with the original iPod, which had lots more black space and less icons, this one is different. You have lots of icons (App Store, Email, Weather, Notes, Maps, Stocks and more), and you can rearrange the order of the icons using a simple drag and drop. You can do the same to swap them around so that you get Quick Launch. With this one, Apple was definitely aiming for personalization which has been lacking in previous models.

The Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation is also special because you can buy a few additional pieces of software and hardware and extend its usage to beyond gaming, music and email. If you spend a few dollars on a Nike and pedometer, you’ll get a shoe sensor. You can also get mic-enabled earphones that will. While some argue that this doesn’t seem fair because Apple is making users spend more money on bits and bobs to make their Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation better, it can also be the reason why you can get this little iPod at such a great price – they give you what they could for less than $200 and then give you the choice to pick extras if you want. Performance

Although there is no touch screen, it’s still a great interface, especially with Apps allowing you choose between so many applications. The audio, like all older iPods, can be said to be good ‘not great, but Apple promises to fix this with coming models. Compared to other phones in its category though, it’s still much better quality of sound.

The Maps feature is also a useful one for those who want to track their location, but you can switch it off if you feel you don’t need it. This conserves battery life as well.


There were gripes about the original iPod – it was pricey and just didn’t seem to perform very well for that price, even at 16 GB. The Apple iPod Touch 8 GB 2nd Generation seems to have addressed them, and done more because of the chic new design. It may not have GPS, 3G and a camera, but for that price, it’s definitely a great iPod to go for especially for those who aren’t heavy users!

Source by Peter Walcott

Canon Photocopiers Come up Trumps with Better Buys for Business

Falcon was pleased to learn that one of our most popular high volume monochrome photocopiers, the Canon imageRUNNER Advance 8000 series, has been selected by Better Buys for Business as Innovative Product of the Year in the high-volume Photocopier Category. Better Buys experts were impressed with the 8000 series’ ease-of-use, great management options and its outstanding productivity. The Canon imageRUNNER Advance 8000 series comprises three devices – the 8105, the 8095 and the 8085 offering 105, 95 and 85 PPM print speeds respectively. Providing the many benefits of the Canon imageRUNNER Advance photocopiers platform, including first-class environmental credentials, intuitive ease-of-use and robust performance – the 8000 series brings exceptional performance standards to the high volume/light production monochrome environment. Not only that but in the Better Buys for Business Colour Copier Guide, a whole gamut of Canon imageRUNNER Advance photocopiers have received Editor’s Choice Awards – the 9065 Pro, the 7065 and 7055, the C5051 and C5045 and the C2020 and C2030, the last on the imageRUNNER Advance photocopiers platform to be released back in September. All photocopiers provided extraordinary performance under the Better Buys’ rigorous testing criteria.

The Canon imageRUNNER Advance 8000 Series Photocopiers

The Canon imageRUNNER Advance platform has already proved immensely successful over the last year and a half. The Canon imageRUNNER Advance photocopiers were the first range of photocopiers to introduce high-grade fire-retardant bio-plastic in their construction, provide more intuitive ease-of-use with large touch-screen displays and offer outstanding levels of productivity and energy efficiency.

The 8000 series has already been singled-out for praise. Even before its launch, the Canon imageRUNNER Advance 8000 series was awarded at the Best in Show Awards at the On Demand Expo in the US. Compared to predecessors, the imageRUNNER Advance 8000 models offer much larger user interfaces – a 10.4″ colour SVGA screen. They’re also extremely compact, being built with what has been dubbed Advanced Space design. The photocopiers will accommodate a wide range of media, both copying/printing and scanning and scanning speeds are in fact double what was offered on the outgoing imageRUNNER 7000 photocopiers series, at 200ipm. There’s optional PCL and a total of 5 fold-patterns as far as finishing options are concerned. Device Management is much improved also with imageWARE Enterprise Management Console and uniFLOW.

Melissa Pardo, the Editor of Better Buys for Business commented, “The imageRUNNER Advance 8000 series gives Canon leading-edge MFP’s for light production environments…At this point, the race is not about speeds, feeds and other specifications – it’s about usability. By those standards, Canon’s imageRUNNER Advance 8000 series look like winners, so much so that they deserve our Innovative Product of the Year Award.”

Sam Yoshida, Vice President of Imaging Systems Group at Canon USA, commented, “Offering a blend of high quality output, flexible configurations and Canon’s legendary performance, the imageRUNNER Advance line of multifunction products continues to distinguish itself from the competition….With innovative hardware and carefully engineered software applications, the imageRUNNER Advance line of photocopiers is now the preferred choice for businesses seeking best-in-class solutions to address their increasingly diverse Document Management needs.”

Better Buys for Business

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Canon Photocopiers Come up Trumps with Better Buys for Business

Better Buys for Business also seek and make use of the feedback of users’ own first-hand experience of office equipment performance, its ease-of-use and brand satisfaction. Better Buys also maintain strong links with manufacturers and dealers, visiting manufacturing facilities and trade shows around the world to stay on top of developments, so they’re usually able to review devices even before official launch dates.

The imageRUNNER Advance 8000 light production monochrome photocopiers along with other photocopiers in the imageRUNNER Advance range are available from all leading Canon Business Solutions Partners.

Source by Jeremy Samson